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Location based new media
Location based new media

Loc-us is a super lightweight javascript web-app that shows you new media content over map. We encourage citizen journalism. However you can search anything, anytime, anywhere.

Type a city name or tap to get my location button to start discovering what’s happening around a specific location. You can search Youtube videos & Tweets around the world whether you want to see Live or previous contents.


Loc-us is an open-source webapp developed in pure javascript. No frameworks, no libraries. It does not store any user data. It was designed as a bridge between users and new media sources. All data is provided by Google, Youtube and Twitter.

Important Notice
Location wise, Loc-us has a street level accuracy and we don't think it's a good idea to show underage's precise locations. This content is supposed to be filtered by Youtube, but somehow there are still underage uploaders & streamers in their system. Please REPORT asap and we'll remove the content immediately. We appreciate your help.

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